tinkering and writing about startups and ML

About me

I'm Dylan B. Mikus. I like software, science, startups, and some other things that don't begin with the letter "S". I do technical consulting to help people build products using ML and NLP.

I went to Carnegie Mellon University and graduated with a CS degree and a minor in Language Technologies (mash up linguistics, NLP, and machine learning). I always worked at startups, and at the start of 2022 I co-founded a startup that got into Y Combinator that summer.

Now, I'm back to my NLP and infra roots and am consulting at Del Rey Studios to help others build LLM/NLP products.

Before I wanted to be a programmer, I wanted to be a writer, so this is a place for me to write about startups, machine learning, and computer science/engineering.

To put a name to a face, this is a photo of me: